Custom Team Support

If you are a cycling team or a tri-club and you have that BIG event that you have been training for, wouldn't it be nice to be treated like a pro? Well now you can. You can hire Pinnacle Bike Tech to provide full concierge service at the big event. You can pick and choose your support levels from basic tech to full pro team levels. We have the full shop trailer, team mechanic and even a full supply of aero wheels. You choose the package that fits your needs. 

Basic tech support

This is our most basic level. We provide a mechanic to provide tech support to you or your athletes. The mechanics can do tune-ups, basic repairs, bike cleanings after events.

One mechanic serves 1-5 athletes
Two mechanics serves 5-10 athletes
Three mechanics serves 10+ athletes

Team wheel support

This package provides sets of aero wheels to your or your entire team. We have aero wheels from Profile Design and Rolf. This service enables you to choose the type and depth of rim you may need for that important race. Just like the pros. For more info on our wheels visit

Full team support

This is our top of the line deluxe package. It includes everything. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be treated like a pro athlete? This is your chance. You get the full trailer support, entire fleet of wheels at your disposal, nutrition (bars and gels) selection for the day and you will be treated like a pro. Have a mechanic clean and tune your machine then choose the wheels that you need for your race. After your event, head back to the trailer and drop off your machine for post race cleaning and tuning. You sit back and relax in the comfort of your reserved chair.
If you want the highest service level and most worry free event ever this option is for you.