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Rudy Project Genetyk Yellow Fluo Gloss Frame With Impactx Photochromic Clear Lenses

MSRP: 199.99 contact us for special discounts

Based on a super light-full-wrap shield design implementing Rudy Project’s Quick Change™ lens replacement technology – no twisting, sliding or shaking required – the Genetyk is the latest in hi-tech sporting eyewear from the company writing the book on Technically Cool. The Genetyk also features hallmark Rudy Project features like 360-degree fully adjustable temples and the similarly fully adjustable ErgoIV™ nose piece for that perfect customized fit.

Genetyk is Rudy Project eyewear that brings with it the results of 25 years of ceaseless research in the optical field with the aim of protecting the eyes from sunlight and atmospheric agents, assisting in concentration during sports performances. A racy design, shield lenses and avant-garde technology are the winning features of this eyewear, born for competition, ready to reach the most coveted podiums.

With a multisport soul, Genetyk is available with a wide range of technologically advanced lenses that athletes can choose from based on their needs. The unbreakable ImpactX Photocromic Clear lenses standout with a huge range of chromatic variation, making them perfect for all of those sports that require many hours of competition, such as cycling. 

MSRP: 199.99 contact us for special discounts