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Hypermask Performance Black Gloss With Impactx Photolaser Racing Red Lenses

MSRP: 219.99 contact us for special discounts

From cycling to running, from kite surfing to triathlon, and even cross country skiing: Hypermask Performance™ sunglasses are perfect for all sports that require the utmost in reliability and comfort.

Featuring a wraparound design and a rimless frame, this eyewear provides an exceptional visual range and the ultimate in aerodynamic performance. All with incomparable lightness: weighing just 28 grams, in fact, Hypermask Performance™ glasses are so light they can be worn for hours, without realizing you are wearing them.

Their perfect face fit is ensured by an anti-slip system with soft rubber temple tips and adjustable Ergo IV™ nosepiece, which together with the "Brow Interface", ensures excellent ventilation to prevent fogging of lenses.    


Perfect vision is also guaranteed by the Quick Change System™, which lets you change lenses quickly and easily, choosing the ones best suited to the light and atmospheric conditions.

And, for those who want a lens that adapts itself to different light conditions, the Rudy Project Hypermask Performance™ sunglasses are also available with the new Racing Red Laser ImpactX lenses: the first photochromic mirror lens that changes even in the absence of UV and has greater stability at various temperatures than other popular photochromic lenses.

Eyes are always protected both from the light, and from external conditions, thanks to the wrap-around lenses which shield your eyes from twigs, dust, grit and anything else that may affect your performance. Their "Safety Project" system protects your face: no sharp corners on the frame means there are no injuries from knocks. 

MSRP: 219.99 contact us for special discounts