Rates do not include parts. These rates are used as an approximation. All repairs will be assessed and a written estimate will be provided prior to starting work.
We are local to Longmont, CO and we will pick-up and deliver within 20 miles of Longmont.

Pinnacle Bike Tech
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Tune-ups (non-event rates)

Standard Tune-up 
Includes - Adjust brakes and gears, spot true wheels, check and tighten all bolts. Wipe down frame, air up tires.  
Full Tune-up 
Includes drive train cleaning, replace all cables and housing, true wheels, 
check and tighten all bolts. Clean frame, air up tires.
Race Tune-up
Includes everything from the standard tune with the additional adjustment of aero bars and accompanying shifters.
Basic pre-race check
Checking of all bolts for proper tightness. Through check of all gears and proper breaking performance. Check of wheel trueness. Check tires for any cuts or improper wear. Inflate tires to proper pressure.

Misc. Services (non-event rates)

Flat Repair   $5
Install tire and tube  $10
Adjust brakes (each)  $12
Adjust gears (front or rear)  $12 
True wheel (starts at) $10
Install chain $10
Glue Tire (sew up) $40
Adjust hub (front or rear)  $12
Adjust headset $15