Ironman Service

If you are going to any of the Ironman 70.3 events that we support (check our events page here), you can schedule in advance the day and time to have your bike serviced. If you are looking for our shipping services, please go to our shipping page here. Once you have chosen a day and time we will send you a confirmation email to finalize any details. You just show up at our booth in the IRONMAN Village and our expert staff will check you in and begin the work ASAP. 



·         Lube and adjust drive train

·         Inspect and adjust front and rear brakes

·         Inspect and tighten axle skewers and bolts

·         Inspect tires and tire pressure

·         Inspect and adjust seat clamp bolt

·         Inspect and adjust all stem clamp bolts

·         Inspect pedal attachment to crank arms

·         Inspect wheels, spokes and hubs-touch up wheel true

Fly in Shipping Rates  (please use our shipping form

             · Unpack and Assemble bike at Race Site $100
             · Disassemble and Pack bike at Race site $100
             · Bike case storage $25 (free if we assemble)

             · Receive bike case only $25

Pinnacle Bike Tech Service